Alicia Woods



With more than 15 years experience as a woman in the mining industry, Alicia understands what it means to push boundaries.


Alicia Woods is founder and CEO of Covergalls Workwear and General Manager of Marcotte Mining. Motivated to improve the underground mining experience for women, Alicia designed the first ever covergalls for women, and then successfully pitched her business on CBC’s Dragon’s Den in 2014.

Alicia and Covergalls have been featured in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Financial Post and Flare Magazine. Alicia has appeared at speaking engagements across North America, from high schools to mining conferences and business luncheons. Whether she is speaking to a gymnasium full of young women, a boardroom full of mining executives, or before investors on national television, Alicia is an exceptional public speaker and communicator focused on motivating and educating her audience.

Alicia is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum, the recipient of the inaugural Young Mining Professional Female (YMF) Eira Thomas Award, 2016 YWCA Women of Distinction Award, 40 Under 40 Award Recipient (2015), Innovation Award 2015 Recipient and Influential Women Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015.






Brenda Folz, marketing director New Sudbury centre's  be you girl

"We reached out to Alicia as her story truly embraces the essence of the campaign. She personifies the messaging of empowerment for young girls to stride to be themselves, dictate their path and achieve their dreams. Alicia continues to encourage and mentor those with whom she comes in contact.  Alicia is professional, approachable, and a terrific role model for today’s youth. We would be delighted and fortunate to work with her in the future and would recommend her to those looking for an amazing and inspirational speaker."



“Alicia is extremely dynamic, and passionate about effectively reaching and empowering women. Alicia was our keynote presenter for the inaugural She&Her Women in Leadership Symposium, we were lucky enough to have such an inspiring leader communicate so effectively with our audience. Alicia is engaging, and a true inspiration to women everywhere. Everyone left feeling a sense of empowerment and motivation.”


randy frank, executive director, 3m canada

                         ALICIA WOODS AT 3M CONFERENCE IN LONDON, 2018

                         ALICIA WOODS AT 3M CONFERENCE IN LONDON, 2018

“Alicia joined our research & development team as a keynote speaker for our annual technical recognition event.  She is a dynamic and engaging speaker and her passion shines through as she shares her unique story.  Alicia’s message of creativity, perseverance and understanding customer needs truly resonated with our team and they were left feeling inspired by her many lessons learned as an entrepreneur.  I would suggest her for any audience looking for motivation to follow their passion, turn a vision into a reality, take risks and think outside of the box.  Alicia is also a very genuine person and an absolute pleasure to work with.”



"As one of Canada's largest science centres, we have had the pleasure to host Alicia as a speaker for a number of our engaging public events, to audiences of all ages.  Not only does Alicia capture the imagination of young people, particularly young women, her spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship shines throughout her stories.  Alicia's secret ingredient is her ability to share her story with her audiences, in a way that paints a vivid picture of how individuals can make a difference and create a lasting impact for the people around them.  Alicia's approachability is the earmark of her presentations and role as a mentor....she's a terrific addition to any speaking event!" Hope this is helpful...feel free to edit at will!



“Alicia left our sold-out crowd feeling inspired and motivated after her keynote address at our annual International Women’s Day celebration. As a leader in male dominated industries, Alicia’s entrepreneurial spirit paired with her passion, knowledge and expertise makes for a dynamic delivery of her story.”




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